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  1. What is a virtual private network (VPN)?
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  3. Why dont ISPs, Government Agencies or Workplaces ban VPNs?
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  10. I get Disconnected Every Few Minutes? allows user to surf the internet securely and anonymously without any restrictions on their internet connection. was started by a person living in a country with restricted internet access (United Arab Emirates) who was sick and tired of surfing the internet finding things were blocked. was started not for any malicious or devious reasons to get up to no good anonymously on the internet but because the filtering system used often blocked legitimate sites and programs.

Examples of incorrect blockings encountered were:

  1. A marine biology site that was blocked because it contained information on the mating habits of dolphins. It’s hardly the raciest stuff you can find on the internet but the auto filtering system saw this as porn related.
  2. A site on the city of Scunthorpe in England was banned because of a naughty word located in the word Scunthorpe (It’s not a very nice place but there’s no need to block a site about it).
  3. A purely music site with nothing rude or illegal on it was banned because it had the letters ‘XXX’ in its title.

As you can see things that shouldn’t be blocked get blocked but that wasn’t the only reason why was started. was also started because in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) VoIP and Skype is banned. The government owned telecoms companies in the UAE block VoIP signals forcing you to use their overpriced service to make international phone calls. The founder of was setting up a business in the UAE and rather than being able to make international calls around the world using a VoIP systems at about $0.01 a minute he was forced to pay up to $1 a minute using the local providers.

The blocking of sites and programs such as Skype and VoIP annoyed’s founder so he created a solution to remove the restrictions and once it was built realised others could benefit from it…. and so became

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